The Wayouts are:

  • Steve Cimino - Drums
  • Eric Korte - Bass, Vocals
  • Brian McDonnell - Guitar, Vocals
  • Jeff Palac - Guitar, Vocals

All veterans of the Chicago music scene, The Wayouts' members have diverse musical resumes including signed, original indie rock projects, solo singer/songwriters and high-profile cover bands. 

In late 2017, the four friends discovered a shared love of 1960s garage rock by artists like The Kinks and The Animals and recognized an opportunity to offer something different in Chicago's live music scene.

The carefully curated Wayouts set list is made up exclusively of songs that everybody knows but aren't worn out by your average classic rock and oldies acts. 

The Wayouts' combination of raw intensity, professional musicianship and exuberant performance brings fresh life to classic songs, striking equal balance between nostalgia and innovation, appealing equally to grandparents, soccer moms and hipsters. 

The Wayouts are currently booking shows and private events for 2018. Email for availability and rates.